Friday, June 14, 2013

Kruger's Attack

Kruger's Attack demonstrates the importance of keeping a strong central pawn structure.

1. d4, d5
2. c4, e6
3. Nc3, c5
4. cxd5, cxd4?

Black weakens his center.  White took advantage of this by a series of attacking moves.

5. dxe6, dxc3?

The Knight is poisoned.  Black's best reply should have been 5.....Bb4 pinning the Knight.

6. exf7, Ke7

Of course not 6.....Kxf7 because of the threat 7. Qxd8.

7. fxg8=N+, Rxg8
8. Bg5+ .....

Black loses his Queen.

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