Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kilkenny Attack

The Kilkenny Attack sacrifices a Bishop in the early stage of the game, and followed by an attack of the White Knight at f7.

1. e4, Nf6
2. e5, Nd5
3. Nf3, d6
4. Bc4, Nb6?

Better is 4....e6, thereby solidifying the central pawn defense.

5. Bxf7+, Kxf7
6. Ng5+ ....

The beginning of White's attack.

6. .... Kg8

If 6....Ke8, then 7. e6 Nd5, 8. Nf7 and White would be able to capture the Black Queen.

If 6.....Kg6, then 7. e6 Kxg5, 8. d4+ Kf6, 9. d5 Qe8, 10. Qf3+ Kg6, 11. Qg4+ Kf6, 12. Qg5 mate.

7. Qf3, Qe8
8. e6!!, h6
9. Qf7+, Qxf7
10. exf7 mate

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