Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wurzburger Trap

The Wurzburger Trap is a chess opening trap in the Vienna Gambit.  It was named after German banker Max Wurzburger.  (Source:  Wikipedia)

1. e4, e5
2. Nc3, Nf6
3. f4, d5
4. fxe5, Nxf4
5. d3, Qh4+?  (See diagram.)

Black falls into the trap.

 6. g3, Nxg3
7. Nf3, Qh5
8. Nxd5, Bg4

If 8....Nxh1, 9. Nxc7+ Kd8, 10. Nxa8 leads to advantage for White.

9. Nf4, Bxf3
10. Nxh5, Bxd1
11. hxg3, Bxc2?
12. b3 .....

The Bishop on c2 is trapped, and White can move his King to d2 to capture it.

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