Sunday, December 7, 2014

Boden's Mate

Boden's Mate is characterized by a king being mated by two bishops along two criss-crossing diagonals.  The most famous example of Boden's Mate is the so-called Peruvian Immortal Game, Canal vs. Dubyna, Budapest 1934.

In the following game, Samuel Boden, for whom the mate is named, exhibited an early example of it in a friendly game Schulder–Boden, London 1853.  Source: Wikipedia.

1. e4, e5
2. Nf3, d6
3. c3, f5
4. Bc4, Nf6
5. d4, fxe4
6. dxe5, exf3
7. exf6, Qxf6
8. gxf3, Nc6
9. f4, Bd7
10. Be3, 0-0-0
11. Nd2, Re8
12. Qf3, Bf5
13. 0-0-0? ....

Bd5 is better.

13. .... d5!
14. Bxd5? ....

This move allows a forced mate. Better is 14. Rde1, losing a piece.

14. .... Qxc3+
15. bxc3, Ba3 mate.

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