Friday, June 21, 2013

Heidelberg Sacrifice

In the following game, White sacrifices the Queen to achieve victory.

1. e4, d5
2. exd5, Qxd5
3. Nc3, Qd8
4. d4, Nc6
5. Nf3, Bg4
6. d5!, Ne5

Black thinks he has a good pin.  White's next move surprises him.

7. Nxe5, Bxd1
8. Bb5+, c6
9. dxc6, Qc7?

Black's best reply is 9....a6, though after 10. c7+ axb5, 11. cxd8 Rxd8, 12. Nxd1 ...., White still has the upper hand.

10. cxb7, Kd8

If 10.....Qd7, then 11. bxa8 mate.

11. Nxf7 mate

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