Sunday, July 7, 2013

Guaita Attack

The game is derived from a variation of the French Defense.

1. e4, e6
2. d4, d5
3. Nc3, dxe4
4. Nxe4, Bd6
5. Bd3, Ne7
6. Bg5, 0-0
7. Nf6+ .....

The beginning of White's attack.

7. .... gxf6
8. Bxf6, Qd7

Black has to remove the pin on its Queen, since White threatens 9. Qg4+ and Black must be able to block the threat by 9....Ng6.  However, Black did not foresee White's next move.

9. Bxh7+, Kxh7
10. Qh5+, Kg8
11. Qh8 mate.

Enchanting !

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