Friday, December 31, 2010

Penrose Gambit

This game arose from a variation of Catalan Opening.  It was actually played by Veitch and Penrose in Buxton, 1950.

1. d4, Nf6
2. c4, e6
3. Nf3, d5
4. g3, dxc4
5. Nbd2, c5
6. dxc5, Bxc5
7. Bg2 ....

7. .... Bxf2

A lightning strike!  If White declines the Bishop (8. Kf1), then Black wins by 8.....Ng4 which threatens to win the Queen with 9....Ne3.  If 9. Qa4 Bd7, 10. Qxc4 Ne3+ wins the Queen just the same.

8. Kxf2, Ng4+
9. Ke1 ....

White's other choices are equally gloomy.  If 9. Kf1 then Black wins the Queen with 10....Ne3+.  If 9. Kg1 then 9.....Qb6+ with mate to follow.

9. .... Ne3

White resigns. His Queen is lost after 10. Qa4+ Bd7, then on 11. Qa3 or Qb4, Black forks the Queen and King after 11.....Nc2+.   A fantastic attack.

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